Beit Shemesh Womens Flashmob in Israel

This Beit Shemesh womens flashmob took place on the morning of Jan 6th, 2012. Approximately 250 women, all residents of Beit Shemesh came together in this mass public dance in the city square as a from of protest and to raise awareness against the exclusion of women from the public domain. The Beit Shemesh women’s flashmob included women of all ages and sectors, religious, traditional and secular.

Producer: Renana Levine
Director of Photography: Josh Gold

Beit Shemesh is an Israeli town near Jerusalem. It has been in the public eye recently as it has become a focus of tension between secular Jews and ultra-Orthodox men who are demanding strict gender segregation and “modest” dress for women.

Personally, I love this peaceful gathering together of so many women and hope it is effective as a dance towards a change.

If you want more information on the current issues in Beit Shemesh, check out these recent news articles:
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  1. Julie says:

    This is so refreshing to find in such a religious community. Will you also be visiting Israel soon? I really should copy and paste your itinerary so I could keep up!

    • Rhonda says:

      Yes, we are now going to Israel too. I will post a final itinerary next week. It has changed a lot since I posted the other one.

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