Mezuzah Necklace Keeps You Close to God

While a mezuzah is traditionally placed in the doorway of a Jewish household, a mezuzah necklace offers protection wherever you go. Mezuzah charms are a recent trend and come in a variety of styles and materials. They are a beautiful addition to any Jewish jewellery collection. This contemporary mezuzah usage, while not traditional, references back […]


Children’s Haggadah to Enhance the Family Passover Experience

A children’s Haggadah can be an excellent accompaniment to any seder, thus allowing for a shorter rendition of the important Jewish Passover traditions. A Haggadah for kids keeps them entertained through the seder, and will often include bright pictures and Passover activities. We retell the story each year to a growing audience. The family Haggadah can be reused […]


Selecting a Colorful and Modern Seder Plate

A modern seder plate can add some color and fun to your Pesach meal. Contemporary seder plates incorporate all the Passover traditions. While it is not traditional to bring Passover gifts to a seder, any of the items on this page would make wonderful wedding or Hanukkah gifts. What’s on a Seder Plate? Prominently placed […]


A Children’s Menorah and Other Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Kids

The wonderment of Hanukkah shines through in the eyes of the young, as the candles light, the dreidels spin, and chocolate is shared. A children’s menorah gives a sense of participation and is the perfect gift. Whether it’s for lighting the candles, or a toy, early involvement helps develop lifelong rituals. When I think of a children’s […]


Noah’s Ark Menorahs: Hanukkah Fun for Kids

The story of Noah’s Ark is a classic. And while it’s not actually related to Hanukkah, Noah’s Ark Menorahs are adored by kids both young and old. I think our girls were about 2 and 4 years old when their grandfather sent them their very own Noah’s Ark Menorah. Their little faces lit up brighter than the […]