Children’s Haggadah to Enhance the Family Passover Experience

A children’s Haggadah can be an excellent accompaniment to any seder, thus allowing for a shorter rendition of the important Jewish Passover traditions. A Haggadah for kids keeps them entertained through the seder, and will often include bright pictures and Passover activities.

We retell the story each year to a growing audience. The family Haggadah can be reused yearly so long as it remains appropriate for all at the seder. Here I have collected some of the best children’s Haggadah examples that are great for the family seder. Below is a selection of books that entertain and teach leading up to the holiday. They also make great Passover gifts for the those who find the afikomen.

Our Children’s Haggadah

We have always been fans of Sammy Spider to weave holiday tales for our kids. Following up on Sammy Spider’s First Passover, there is now a 32-page Sammy Spider’s First Haggadah. Targeted for pre-school to Grade 1 students, our whole family enjoys being guided through Passover traditions by Sammy. This short Haggadah holds our kid’s attention long enough to bring them through the Pesach Seder and onto the traditional Passover meal.

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Other Recommended Children’s Passover Haggadah Options

NameImageKey FeaturesCompare Pricing or Buy Now
My Very Own Haggadah: A Seder Service for Young Children This children's Haggadah is a short, age-appropriate retelling of the Passover story for young readers and features many black and white pictures for coloring in. It also includes Passover recipes, Passover crafts and simple sheet music to accompany the traditional songs. Check Pricing
The Artscroll Children's Haggadah
A beautifully illustrated Haggadah aimed at children 4-8, with an accurate but child appropriate English translation of the full Haggadah text, as well as extra information about the seder. Check Pricing
Family Haggadah (English and Hebrew Edition) This is a great Haggadah for a wide variety of participants, from children to adults. It contains traditional elements and Hebrew text alongside fun children's songs and thought-provoking questions. What more could one ask for in a family Haggadah?Check Pricing
The Family (and Frog!) Haggadah Frog leads the family through this delightful and fun filled kid friendly Haggadah. Alongside jokes and fun Passover games, there are favorite songs and instructions on preparing a seder. Check Pricing
Gateways Haggadah; A Seder for the Whole Family The Gateways Haggadah is an all-inclusive Passover seder book created specifically for children of every ability, with engaging photographs as well as picture communication symbols to allow the best level of participation in the ceremony. Check Pricing
Uh! Oh! Passover Haggadah This hidden objects book is a great addition to a family seder, mixing the Haggadah in both English and Hebrew transliterations with full-page illustrations crammed with Passover objects to find. This is a great way to keep kids entertained. Check Pricing

Alongside the children’s Haggadah, a great Passover story will enhance the experience for kids. There is a wide selection of these for a variety of age groups, and I have included some favorites below.

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