Sobering Photos of Dachau

We visited Dachau last week.  It was a very sobering experience.


The entrance gate to Dachau which translates to “Work Sets You Free”


Prisoner Sleeping Quarters


Dachau Gas Chambers


Dachau Crematorium


Dachau Perimeter Fence and Tower

All photos on this page © Rhonda Albom 2012

Have you visited Dachau?


  1. I don’t think I could stomach it… good for you. It’s so important to honor those who passed through and never forget…

  2. That must have been difficult to experience.

  3. Humans can be so inhumane. I would go. I’ve always wanted to go.

    Have a terrific trip. 🙂

  4. These sorts of places depress me.

  5. May the Lord have mercy on all the people that lost their lives there. May this never happen again, but it just might if we are not vigilant. There are many out there who would like to slaughter those that are not of their beliefs.

    Just click on the link below, and link up your WW post. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. If we can only just destroy places like this. However, I guess they should be preserved as a reminder for us people of the horrors of the Second World War. As we are constantly reminded, we have to learn from history so that we will not commit the same errors that our forebears did.

  7. Great shots!

  8. I can’t go in that place. May the souls of people who died inside rest in peace,.

  9. Dachau was the first German concentration camp established by Nazi Germany. Officially said to be a camp for political prisoners, Dachau would exist as a model camp for 12 years until its dismantlement after WWII. Dachau is also the name of the village located nearby..


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