Why Are Letters in Hebrew Carved Into Barcelona City Walls?

On first glance, the stones walls around the main courtyard in the medieval Jewish Quarter of Barcelona look similar to any other stone wall. Close inspection (pointed out by our guide) shows that some of the stones have letters in Hebrew carved into them.

Once pointed out, it is quite easy to spot the Hebrew carved in to the rocks. Do you see it in the center stone of the wall?

Hebrew Carved On Barcelona WallsPhotos ©Rhonda Albom 2012.  All rights Reserved.

Are you wondering why there in Hebrew carved on Barcelona walls?

I know I was quite curios. Actually, it’s not such a nice story. In the days of the Inquisition the King destroyed much of Jewish life. He  allowed the stones from the old Jewish cemetery to be used in the building of tenements in Barcelona. The writing was ignored, just part of the stone.

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