Jewish Coloring Calendar Offers Relaxation and Fun

Combining the latest craze with a 16-month calendar, Amber Lotus has creatively designed a Jewish Coloring Calendar called: “Coloring Your Jewish Year Wall Calendar.”

Jewish Coloring Calendar 5776-5778 for 2017

Coloring seems to be catching on for adults all around the world. It’s easy, relaxing, and according to the experts offers multiple benefits including:

  • Stress and anxiety reduction
  • Helps you become more focused
  • Increases and improves fine motor skills
  • Let’s you express your individuality and re-discover yourself

With that in mind, this coloring calendar is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else. It offers a monthly opportunity to de-stress and expressive art to hang on your walls.

What you will find inside is a coloring page for each month, reasonable sized boxes for calendar planning, and a range of  holidays. In addition to the expected holiday listings, this Jewish coloring calendar also recognizes Christian, Buddhist, Islam, Hindu and Pagan traditions, as well as a few less known secular holidays like “Bike to Work Day.”

According to the calendar cover, Amber Lotus has planted 500,000 trees as an environmental offset for the printing of its calendars.

Are you going to try a Jewish coloring calendar this year?

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