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Stainless Steel Gas GrillDo real men wear aprons?  Sounds like I am starting a joke, but actually it is just a question.  Hubby just had a birthday and picked out his own gift – a shiny new stainless steel BBQ.  (We need the stainless as the last one rusted through – a small price to pay to see the ocean out your window.)

So, to supplement his gift, I could get him barbeque accessories, but really the old ones are just fine.  So, I was thinking about an apron.  Not a frilly girly apron, but a manly apron. Maybe something a little bit Kosher. Something like:

100% kosher Jewish gifts apron
100% kosher by Jewish Shirts and Gifts
Keepin' It Kosher apron
Keepin’ It Kosher by Aimers7
Real Men Make Latkes
Real Men Make Latkes by Jewish Shirts and Gifts
Gourmet Apron-Of Course It's All Kosher!! apron
Of Course It’s All Kosher!! by World Vibes

So, what do you think now?

I was deciding between these four when I stumbled upon another Kosher apron and I just had to laugh.

The quality certainly is there as this one is embroidered, and it’s black so it won’t show the dirt quite as much.

But would he use it?

It certainly would be a conversation piece at our next BBQ if he did wear it.  And it clearly is a manly apron.

Gotta love the double entendre.

Even if it’s not right for my hubby, it would make a great gag gift for the right man.

So, which was your favorite kosher apron?


  1. I like the black on best. My hubby wears aprons all the time. He’s very in tough with his manhood too. He just doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. I love him for that.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  2. I like the black one purely because i am a fan of double entendre

    I also like the “Real Men Make Latkes” one

    Have a great weekend enjoy the 100% beef (on the BBQ of course) 😉

  3. Great stuff! I am the latke maker in my family. My wife says I am better at it and so it is my job.

    • I have a daughter that love to cook. Little by little she is taking over the baking and cooking tasks. I think this year latkes will be hers.
      Welcome to Kibitz Spot!

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