Sukkah in Marrakesh

We were visiting Morocco during Sukkot yet I was still surprised to find a Sukkah in Marrakesh. In it simplest form, a sukkah is aa temporary hut constructed for use during the week-long Jewish festival of Sukkot.

We knew there is a small, active Jewish community in Marrakesh. There is a synagogue in the old Jewish Quarter of Marrakesh, just outside the medina. It is surrounded by living quarters used by many of the members. She Sukkah was in the courtyard just outside the synagogue.

There is security at the entrance to the courtyard.  A few blocks away is the Jewish cemetery.

Sukkah in Marrakesh Morocco

You can learn more about the Sukkah and the holiday Sukkot at Wikipedia.
We carry the Lonely Planet Morocco, but we found this Sukkah on our own.

Were you surprised to see a Sukkah in Marrakesh?


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