Inside a Jewish Synagogue in Marrakesh Morocco

Last week when I featured the Sukkah in Marrakesh you asked for more.  The Sukkah was in this courtyard just outside of a small Jewish synagogue in Marrakesh.  The curtains surrounding much of the courtyard offer some privacy for the Jewish people who live in this tiny, close knit community.  From the main road, there was security protecting the courtyard, apartments, and synagogue from the public. I am not sure if they let us in because we are Jewish, or simply because we asked.

We found a lovely courtyard that was currently being tended to. The sukkah stands in the background to the left in the photo.

Morocco Jewish Quarter

Beautiful, hand laid tiles covered many of the walls, often between the curtains. Color and pattern reflect the Jewish atmosphere, as does the Hebrew letters along the upper edge of the walls.

Marrakesh synaguage wall

The synagogue has an entrance in the courtyard. It was locked, but we asked the care taker and he let us in.This is similar to our experience getting into the Jewish synagogue in Fes Morocco.  It is an active temple, although there is a larger one in the new section of Marrakesh.

Inside a small Jewish Synagogue in Marrakesh Morocco

Did you know there is a Jewish Synagogue in Marrakesh?

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