Holiday Gifts for the Home

Children’s Haggadah to Enhance the Family Passover Experience

A children's Haggadah can be an excellent accompaniment to any seder, thus allowing for a shorter rendition of the important Jewish Passover traditions. A Haggadah for kids keeps them entertained … [Read More...]

Selecting a Colorful and Modern Seder Plate

A modern seder plate can add some color and fun to your Pesach meal. Contemporary seder plates incorporate all the Passover traditions. While it is not traditional to bring Passover gifts to a seder, … [Read More...]

A Children’s Menorah and Other Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Kids

The wonderment of Hanukkah shines through in the eyes of the young, as the candles light, the dreidels spin, and chocolate is shared. A children's menorah gives a sense of participation and is the … [Read More...]

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Jewish Recipes

Chocolate Toffee Matzo Recipe for Passover

How did I grow up without ever discovering this chocolate toffee matzo recipe? As a firm believer that everything tastes better dipped in smooth chocolatey goodness, it is no surprise that I love … [Read More...]

Quick and Easy Fluffy Matzo Ball Recipe

It was always an on-going debate, what makes the perfect matzo ball recipe?  Should the balls be small and hard, or big, soft and fluffy?  Personally, I like them soft, the way my grandmother used to … [Read More...]

Make Your Own Matzo with this Easy Matzo Recipe

Making matzo is easy.  After all, one of the reasons we eat Matzo on Passover is to remind ourselves of the rush of the exodus in which our ancestors carried with them only simple dough that didn’t … [Read More...]

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More Kibitzing

Lost Jewish Belief in the Healing Power of Crystals and Gemstones

I have always been puzzled by the sudden explosion of New Age retailers selling everything from Native American dream catchers to statues of the Buddha.  In particular, I was intrigued by the booming … [Read More...]

Giant Menorah Made of Caffeine Free Diet Coke Cans – Kibitz Spot

When they came up with the slogan "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" I don't think they had this giant menorah in mind. It took my father years to complete. Made from over 200 caffeine free diet coke cans, … [Read More...]

Interpreting Jewish Hieroglyphics (a joke)

Whether done by a scholar or a hieroglyphics translator, interpreting the ancient writing is a skill. Did each picture tell a story, or are multiple images actually the use of hieroglyphics in a … [Read More...]

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