Electric Menorah Makes Hanukkah Clean Up Easy

Stepping away from tradition, we have an electric menorah for Hanukkah this year. LEDs will count our eight-day celebration, rather than flame. At first, I wondered, will it be the same? The answer is yes. Afterall, it is a festival of lights, a celebration and remembrance of the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

As a bonus, nothing makes holiday clean up easier than an electric menorah. Simply say your blessing, turn on the appropriate lights, enjoy the family time, and turn them off when finished. Is an electric menorah cheating? Perhaps, but cheating who? It’s called the festival of lights, and lights you will have.

My Favorite Electric Menorah

Electric menorahs come in all sorts of styles, ranging from traditional to modern. Standing proudly at only 13″ tall, my favorite is modern. Well made and solid, it plugs into the wall, and the candles screw in tighter to turn on, looser to turn off.  The flickering lights remind me of flames.

Illumination Electric Menorah Silver Plated
List Price: $97.66
Price: $97.66
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Advantages of an electric menorah:

  • No more sulphur and smoke smell as the match burns out and candles die down.
  • No need to purchase a new box of candles each year.
  • Children can safely light the candles.
  • It eliminates fire safety issues, especially if you have curious pets.
  • You will never have to skip a night because you don’t have a match, or your lighter ran out.
  • It can be placed in the window for all to see, with the breeze blowing out the candles or setting the drape alight.
  • And the big one: No more scraping the wax out of each candle holder.

Check out these electric menorahs

Click on the name or the image to get more information.

NameImageKey FeaturesPower Source
Rite-Lite Judaica Energy-Saving Steel MenorahOffers blinking and non-blinking light optionsWall plug
Zion Judaica LED Electric Hanukkah MenorahAvailable in a variety of colors.
Batteries and cable not Included
Push button to advance to the next light.
Battery or USB powered
Electric "Rainbow" Menorah Designed by Yair Emanuel
Incandescent light bulbs included - and they stay cool.Wall plug
23'' Large Designer Electric Chanukkah MenorahStands 23" tall. Users report it looks great in the window Wall plug

If you’re a traditionalist, be sure to check out the Jewish Super Store.

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