Selecting a Colorful and Modern Seder Plate

A modern seder plate can add some color and fun to your Pesach meal. Contemporary seder plates incorporate all the Passover traditions. While it is not traditional to bring Passover gifts to a seder, any of the items on this page would make wonderful wedding or Hanukkah gifts.

What’s on a Seder Plate?

Prominently placed in the center of the table, the seder plate is a focal point of the Passover meal. Simple or ornate, it can be made from wood, glass, metal, ceramic, paper or just about anything. Whether it is a modern seder plate or a classic style, what’s on a seder plate remains the same.

Much of the traditional readings and ceremony features the six foods. The traditional seder plate items include:

  • Roasted egg – represents the festival sacrifice or offering
  • Roasted lamb shank – representing the paschal lamb sacrifice
  • Karpas (parsley) to be dipped in salt water to represent the backbreaking work during slavery
  • Charoset (mixture made of apples, nuts, wine and cinnamon) that symbolizes the mortar and brick used by the Hebrew slaves
  • Maror (bitter herbs, often horseradish) to represents the bitterness of slavery
  • Chazaret (romaine lettuce) a second bitter herb

Chabad, a pioneer of Torah, Judaism and Jewish information on the web, offers a detailed explanation as to the significance of each of the items on the plate. You can read it here.

My Current Favorite Modern Seder Plate

Art is personal, I know that. My favorite modern seder plate is this Laser Cut Aluminum Multi Color Pomogranite Seder Plate. Designed by Israeli artist Shraga Landesman, this modern Star of David is created with six pomegranate shapes, each with a different color anodized aluminum dish. Made from brushed laser-cut anodized aluminum, it stands on three legs.
Modern Seder Plate - Laser Cut Aluminum Multi Color Pomogranite Seder Plate by Shraga Landesman

Check pricing on this Shraga Landesman Laser Cut Aluminum Multi Color Seder Plate


It is also available in blue and white. Either with brushed blue pomegranates and white porcelain or glass cups  OR the same anodized alumium as pictured with all blue cups.

Check out these Modern Seder Plates:

NameImageKey FeaturesCompare Pricing or Buy Now
Stone Seder Plate with Spoke DesignUnique and exciting, this contemporary Seder Plate is stone, glass and metal. The Hebrew in the center is the word “Passover”, and each of the arms has Hebrew text identifying each item on the Seder Plate.Check Pricing
Aluminum Elevated Seder PlateThis artistically designed elevated contemporary seder plate stands 10 cm (4 inches) tall.Check Pricing
Michael Aram Pomegranate Seder Plate
Taking inspiration from the form and texture of foliage from around the world, this symbolic pomegranate seder plate is made of oxidized stainless steel.Check Pricing
Yair Emanuel Cast Aluminum Pomegranates Seder PlateA solid cast aluminum plate with six painted red pomegranate shaped bowls.Check Pricing
Painted Oblong Glass Seder PlateHandmade and unique, no two are exactly alike. This glass seder plate features an Old Jerusalem motif.Check Pricing
Yair Emanuel Wooden Folding Seder PlateFun, funky, portable and artistic. This wood seder plate folds up after the holiday. It's ideal to add color to the table, or for travel. Hand-painted with vivid colors, it's hand washable.Check Pricing
Metal Passover Seder Plate with Star of David from Shraga LandesmanFolded metal reveals the wood underlay and creates a Star of David in the center of this seder plate. Along the outer circle is a Hebrew passage from the Shir Ha’shirim (Song of Songs).Check Pricing
Armenian Passover Seder PlateNot necessarily modern, this colorful Armenian style ceramic seder plate is the one I currently use. Each cup is individual and has the name of the traditional food in both English and Hebrew.Check Pricing

Passover Paper Plates

Passover paper plates are a modern idea. With 25 waterproof paper plates in a pack (shown first in the grid below), they are ideal for kids, or even for everyone if you don’t have a set of kosher for Passover dishes. Check out these options, and get ready for quick and easy clean up this year.

Also on the Seder Table

In addition to the items on the plate itself, a traditional table will also have a matzah plate and wine or grape juice. The matzah plate will have three pieces of matzo, representing the Kohens, Levis, and Israelites. The middle (called the afikoman) is broken early in the Passover readings, the other two will be used later. (Passover matzah is an unleavened bread available for a few months before the holiday begins. We, however, like to make our own and share our matzo recipe here.)

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